Discover by Chance • Return by Choice | Arizona’s Copper Corridor

As an AZ “Localist”, I have found many treasures hidden in the depths of Arizona’s rural communities; and my most recent adventure in Arizona’s Copper Corridor did not disappoint. Carved out just below Arizona’s horizontal divide, the Copper Corridor encompasses a series of small towns unified by a history rich in mining along with a desire to evolve.  Our journey would take us through Superior, Kearny, Hayden, Winkelman, Mammoth, Oracle, looping up through Globe and back in to Superior.

Globe plans marketing campaign to create city brand

On Thursday, April 12 the City of Globe convened its mayor’s branding and marketing advisory committee at the Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce to hear a presentation from a marketing firm the city has engaged and give feedback for strategies to promote the Globe-Miami area.

The discussion was led by Liza Noland, who has done marketing campaigns for small towns in Arizona, including her previous town of residence, Kingman.

Beyond Route 66

Kingman, Arizona evokes thoughts of Route 66 – the road and the song. But many travelers drive right past it on I-40 or just stop right off the Interstate only to grab a burger and keep on going. What they may not realize is that Kingman has become a hotbed of activity, with vineyards, restaurants and events all near other well-known attractions, like Las Vegas, Lake Mead and of course, Route 66. 

“There were always conversations about how Kingman could be so much more,” said Liza Noland, president of ad agency Ignite Brand Marketing. “But we recognized that as a small, rural community of 28,000 people, our businesses didn’t have enough money to develop successful individual ad campaigns.”

So Noland called together about 25 local business owners and asked them if they’d be willing to pool their small budgets into one large marketing fund to market the city and its businesses on a larger scale. 

Boys & Girls Club of Kingman Wins National Marketing Award

Boys & Girls Club of Kingman, located in rural Northwestern Arizona, was awarded the Gold Marketing & Communication Award from the national organization for the 2016 Comprehensive Marketing Campaign put together by Bill Ward, Club CEO and Ignite Brand Marketing, a full-service ad agency also based in Kingman. Awarded each year for excellence in marketing, brand awareness and measurable results, the winning Club and agency will be recognized at the National Conference in New Orleans, LA in May.

“We knew the Club faced quite the challenge” states Liza Noland, President…