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Relocation and tourism options in Arizona are endless and researching your options can be overwhelming. In order to provide accurate and personable information to potential residents and visitors, the Local First AZ Foundation embarked on an initiative to capture the unique assets of each of Arizona’s rural communities in individual online community profiles.

Liza was able to dedicate the time required to obtain not only accurate information, but to cultivate the true personification of the identity of each unique community. This was also the project that inspired her passion for Rural Arizona branding and tourism.

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Kingman Circle

Business ownership in a rural community can be tough. The pool of potential customers is limited to the size of the surrounding community; and the opportunity to advertise to those outside your home market can be cost prohibitive. The City of Kingman recognized a need to help its local businesses thrive but struggled with a lack of identity, prohibiting them from effectively marketing as a tourist destination.

Liza Noland brought together a marketing consortium comprised of 28 local businesses, where an equal amount of money was pooled from each and then spent on marketing strategies intended to raise awareness on a grand scale of all that Kingman offers.


The results:

  • Over 1.5 million people worldwide were exposed to a Kingman message in the first year of the campaign

  • The website quickly grew to over 20,000 visitors per month

  • 1300 app downloads occurred in the first year

  • 5800 people liked the Facebook page in the first year

  • Awarded the Arizona Economic Development Golden Prospector Award for the unique, collaborative initiative.

Ajo, AZ

Ajo, AZ is a small, unincorporated, rural community; one that is rich in history, with an artisitic heartbeat that thrums with potential. Fairly unknown, the Ajo community coordinated an initiative through grant funding to cultivate a community message that would help build awareness of its assets; both for new residents and for tourists and day-trippers. 


Globe, AZ

The City of Globe-Miami is rich in history, arts and culture, and Mexican cuisine; but had struggled with the creation of a brand identity that could unify community stakeholders and appeal to visitors and potential future residents. With a progressive shift within their City Council, Globe-Miami embarked on a journey to answer the question, “Who are we” in a way that would bring meaningful buy-in and value to the community as a whole.

The outcome? A logo and brand identity that depicted Globe's traditions, rich culture and its place in Arizona's history. "Arizona to the CORE". 

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Copper Corridor Tourism

The Copper Corridor is a physical stretch of road that transports its travelers to a series of small towns and through some of the most scenic views you’ll find anywhere in the state. With many towns either currently or previously supporting copper mines, this unique group of communities came together to create a collaborative marketing campaign aimed at sharing an experience where the rubber meets the road.

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